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Reviews About Our Ozone Generators and Other Products

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people, who have chosen to write to me about my products. These are candid and unedited comments. I will express both satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and that's a good thing. I appreciate honest and direct responses in order to provide my customers with better products and service.

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Kelvin at Revolution Ozone is a delight to work with. He provides abundant information and superb parts in order to maintain the Triple O Ozone System. With his advice and upgrades provided often as a courtesy, we have been able to maintain our essential water purification system in perfect working order for many years. We are grateful to have found Kelvin’s company, Revolution Ozone, an outstanding resource.

….Thanks so much Kelvin.

Jeff L.

Bolinas, CA

I just want to thank you once again for all your personal assistance over the phone in helping me to purchase the appropriate parts for my holding tank ozone filter. My brother installed it and was very impressed with your step-by-step instructions; he said they were perfect. For someone who had never installed these parts before he really appreciated how thorough your instructions were. The process went very smoothly.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and discovering such great customer service is really a treat. You will be hearing from me again in the future.

Thank you,

Sandy C.

Napa, CA

Thanks again for all the support. It’s great doing business with you. Be assured I am recommending you to the triple-O users I meet here in the mountains.


Russ H.

Los Gatos, CA

I have been a customer of Mr. Wells for around 8 years. I needed parts for my Triple O unit and needed a source that was easy to deal with and would send items to my home. I found Mr. Wells and thought that I would give him a try. Mr. Wells was definitely learning the ozone business when I first started buying items from him. I stuck with Mr. Wells because he was always improving, he stood behind his products and I knew that if he stayed in business I would have an outstanding source of products for my Triple O units. To me, it is not whether you are perfect in what you do and sell but how you stand behind your products.

I never felt cheated or disappointed with any transaction with Mr. Wells. If I bought 2-check valves, and some of his early check valves were not all that good, and called Mr. Wells and told him about the problem, he would say, “yep they did suck but I have a new version and I will send you 4 at no charge”. He was always trying to improve and would stand behind his products.

Ozone generators were so expensive that I contemplated giving up on my Triple O units. I have two units and at about $180 for 18 months each, I was spending $20 a month on Ozone generators without purchasing any other repair parts for my systems. Now with the replacement lamps in my ozone generators costing about $105 including tax, my monthly cost is down to $11.67, a savings of over 40%.

I bought one of the flow meters offered by Mr. Wells. I made a test stand that included the flow meter and a pressure gauge and now I can check out both of my units in about 2-minutes.

Mr. Wells has always been generous with his technical help. He ignores the concept of “If you know what I know then you don’t need me”. If I know all that you know it just makes me a better troubleshooter of my units and I always buy my repair parts from Mr. Wells.

Well I think that I am going to stop here, I do not want Mr. Wells to get a big head.

H.W. Rich

Mountain Center, CA

Just wanted to say how happy we are with your products and service! Exceptional value and your quality is “First Rate”, everything from lamps to parts have been exactly as listed. Best of luck to you in the future. Nice that its made in the USA too.

Jon N.

Los Gatos, CA

I wanted to take the time to send a comment about the new stainless steel ozone lamp assembly (SLA) that I received. I have had my Triple-O system for 7 years. It does a great job in helping us maintain excellent water from our well. As you know the lamp assembly that generates the ozone has to be replaced rather frequently. We should replace ours every 12-18 months.

I ordered your new Stainless Steel lamp assembly (SLA) on Monday and received it two days later. I have to comment on the excellent quality of this product. The new stainless steel case is extremely well made. It fits perfectly and is of very high quality. The enclosed instructions were clear and easy to follow. I converted my system to use your new lamp assembly in about 30 minutes.

One of the best features about the unit is that it was engineered to accept a replacement lamp. What a brilliant idea! Since the bulbs are less than half the cost of a complete assembly I can save over $100 every time we need to replace the lamp. Less waste, easy to do and I save money as well.

Congratulations on a well made product!

Allen S.

Ben Lomond, CA

Mr. Wells,

I would like to thank you and your Ozone system for solving my water problem and allowing me to have great water for a decent price. I am retired but I had over 40 years experience of being involved in the water systems industry. I covered Texas and the surrounding states with a marketing agency involved in the distribution through wholesale dealers of water systems products directly associated with water wells and potable water.

You have a system that is affordable and solves many problems involved in maintaining good drinking water. There are no other products to my knowledge that can match yours, although there are other manufacturers of Ozone systems, most important you personally offer unmatched customer service in the installation and maintenance of your product.

My main problem was hydrogen sulfide or the “rotten egg” smell and odor in my drinking water. Your Ozone system solved the problem. I now have odor free water without having to add any chemicals, we have had it tested and it is good to drink right out of our tap. Now I have not only odor free water but water that is free of impurities associated with some groundwater sources.

Thanks Revolution Ozone! I highly recommend your products.

John W. Collins

San Augustine County Texas

I had just had my well and tank cleaned and upon further inspection was informed that all parts of my ozone system were out of service, permanently. I was referred to your product by this individual and made contact. I made an appointment to replace the entire system, including in-tank ozone diffuser and filter. This was customer service of the highest level! Mr. Wells personally came out and installed this entire system, and it was up and running inside an hour. He included a very thorough explanation of all parts of the system, and maintenance.

The product is of the highest quality and easily maintained. As advertised, the quality of the water improved, first from the well and tank cleaning, but even more so from the new ozone system. The water tastes excellent and the water in the holding tank, 10,000 gallons, is crystal clear.

I also fully embrace small businesses that provide outstanding service and product, which Revolution Ozone does. I would rate them as a 10+. My thanks for your system, help, and all the valuable maintenance information you gave me. I will definitely be back!


Henry H.

Albion, CA

I received the parts yesterday and installed them today. As you said it would be, it was very straight forward. It took me about an hour to install the new parts and reconfigure everything to a ‘proper’ layout per your instructions. It’s now up and running again!

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your time and expertise to help me make this o3 system work the way it should have from the factory. Rest assured I will share your info with anyone I know who has one of these systems and I myself look forward to doing further business with you in the future!

Thanks again!


Julian, CA

I love the new stainless bulb housing and the ability to be able to change out only the bulbs.
Good job!


Nordland, WA

I received the two condensation drain devices yesterday. All I can say is MANY THANKS, and all the accolade testimonials given to you and your company on the website seem totally accurate. The new Stainless Lamp assembly (SLA) is of the highest quality and works superbly, I will even look forward to the next time when other components need to be ordered. You have a happily convinced new customer.

Gary O.

Willits, CA

WOW! Thank you, what a pleasant surprise — incredible service. A very generous and thoughtful customer courtesy! You put my mind in creative overdrive to figure out how to multiply your blessing of kindness. Your expression really encouraged me today. May your day be full of peaceful productivity!!

Bill I.

Lakeport, CA

Thanks for the detailed instructions. Your stellar customer service is very much appreciated!

Take Care,

Doug G.

Woodside, CA

Just a follow up to let you know that our system is running purrrrrfectly after you stopped by to remodel the set up! Thank you so much for taking the time to educate me on what makes the pumps fail before their time and giving me tips to prevent future failures. This is valuable information that has never been passed along in dealing with other companies. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated all you did for us, and at NO CHARGE!! One doesn’t find this level of service anywhere these days. We are lucky to have found you on the internet and will be your loyal customers for life!

By RO: Teri and Tony had two air pump failures in about a year, I knew something was amiss. As the manufacture, I need to know how my products are installed, used and maintained. Upon system evaluation, I found that the 6psi check valve kit had been used beyond its rated life and was allowing water into the system causing back pressure on the air pump. **Reminder to customers using the 6psi check valve kit with mixer, change the 2 white check valves (provided at no charge to regular customers) with every lamp change (18 months) change the red 6psi valve every 36-54 months.

Teri & Tony

Willits, CA

I just bought the new and vastly improved stainless ozone lamp housing unit (SLA). The workmanship on this all stainless steel lamp housing is remarkable, almost unbelievable for the price.

Also, now instead of replacing the whole unit, only the lamp, at lower cost, needs to changed. The hardware needed for the swap included every possible hose and clamp you could possibly need. Ordering, shipping and quality of products bought from “Revolution Ozone” exceeded all of my expectations, great company to do business with.



Potter Valley, CA

I’ve had my Triple O system for over 15 years and the pump finally died. A friend of mine turned me on to your website and I ordered a filter from you last year and was very pleased with the price and the filter. It was of the finest quality.

My well water has a lot of hydrogen sulfide and the ozone system is wonderful in removing all of the crap and making it safe to drink. I learned through personal experience what happens when you let the lamp go more than 18 months. It may still smell like ozone but it does not kill the bugs anymore. Your new stainless steel lamp (SLA) is fantastic.

Keep up the good work,

Chris T.

Pueblo, CO

Customer service to a new level! Not only have you developed a new product that exceeds your competition. You take the time to explain it in a way that I could understand. On top of that I have a new friend who has an eloquent taste for the beverage of choice (Coors Light)! Thanks brother, I am so glad we had a chance to meet in person and I look forward to the next time.


Jim C.

Cobb, CA

Our system is up and running! You were correct about the lamp being just fine. We’re very grateful for all of your help – great instructions and all of the parts and help we needed to get things up and running again. I did some research, our system is 12 years old. We were due for a new filter and ballast in addition to the new lamp. Our plan is to replace the lamp next December with your stainless steel housing (SLA). Because our water is so loaded up with iron, we’ll be doing this on a yearly basis.

Thank you so much for taking the time to carefully talk me through everything. I’m sure you could tell I was quite panicked. You are a very kind person and a wealth of information about water quality and treatment. Bruce and I look forward to relying on you for parts and technical assistance for years to come. We will spread the word up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains about your wonderful business. If only everyone operated their businesses the way that you operate yours – wouldn’t our country be a better place.

Kudos to you!

By RO: Cynthia was told by her local service company that she had ruined a brand new lamp and they are non-returnable. I talked her through different test procedures and it turns out the new lamp she had purchased was fine, a new ballast (ROB-E 120/240v) solved this mystery

Cynthia and Bruce G.

Los Gatos, CA

It was an honor to finally get to meet you when I was passing through from Oregon. I am absolutely impressed with the stainless lamp assembly (SLA) components I purchased from you. I can’t thank you enough for your time and help. I look forward to acquiring a filter here in the near future.

Thanks once again,

Mike W.

Brookings, OR

I never dreamed we could have such crystal clear water. I thought the yellow, somewhat sticky water was an acceptable price to pay for the privilege of living in such a beautiful remote area. Often when I would go on business trips, I would have to re-wash my hair upon arrival, to remove the residue that remained.
After the work you did, cleaning the tank, installing the filtering system, and whatever else you did, cloudy water is no longer an issue. What a surprise it was to take a shower and wash my hair with water I could actually see through! Folks have been remarking how silky and shiny my hair is. I’m so happy, I can’t thank you enough.


By RO: This customer had such high iron content that the inside tank filter could not cope, it needed cleaning every two weeks. I installed one of my newest products, outside the tank, positive filtering system. They now always have crystal clear water and the filter only needs cleaning every 3 months!

Christine A.

Boonville, CA

I replaced almost all the components in my Ozone water treatment system with Revolution Ozone products and I have been very impressed with the superior quality construction of each new item in my system. Everything comes neatly packaged with all the required hardware and clear photographs are provided for the installation of each component. The stainless steel lamp assembly is of the highest quality and I feel good about only having to replace the UV lamp in the future.

In addition to the quality of components, I received a phone call from the owner after placing my online order with additional tips on troubleshooting my system and fixing all the mistakes in my current Ozone setup. I feel very confident now about the proper installation of my Ozone water treatment system and my ability to get years of trouble free performance.

Ricardo D.

Los Gatos, CA

Thanks again for your patient help and the service you provide. It’s good to see small business owners such as yourself out there doing the job. That’s what made this country great in the first place, and hopefully more people will realize that soon enough for us to pull out of our nosedive into insignificance.

Steve G.

Soquel, CA

Thanks again for helping me with my air pump installation.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help, patience and availability.
Your products are great – but your knowledge is priceless!

Linda W.

Westlake, OR

I got the shipment; thanks for getting it to me so quickly.

By the way, the quality of the stainless housing (SLA) for the ozone generator is first rate. Someone does a really good job of welding that stainless tube.

Winston Bowen

Caspar, CA

I am happy to have found you. Thanks so much for your help. My system is up and running, once again. Thanks for being just a phone call away for any of my questions. I’m a very happy camper.


Teri A.

Willits, CA

Superbly! Thank you for all the parts and the system is again working fabulously with the brackish looking water returning to clear which is the desired affect.

Many, many thanks for your help.

With best regards,


Healdsburg, CA

Thanks again for providing quality parts for my ozone generator. Like I told you on the phone, ‘please stay in business’. Where else could I find these high quality parts at great prices and help with problems coming from someone who knows the system so well. I am a life long customer.

Thanks again,

Dale H.

Burson, CA

Thanks so much for the pump and the prompt service. Wow, even the post office was quick, the box arrived Friday. I installed the pump today and it works perfectly, bubbles are once more rising in the holding tank.

E. Delaney
Delaney Family Vineyard

Glen Ellen, CA

Wow, a real store with a human being!
Thanks for your assistance on the telephone.

Richard R.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Shipment arrived and was installed today with perfection. Your pictures were easy to follow. Thanks again for your help. I’ll be back to you in about 18 months.

Bill F.

Briones, CA

Finally installed hose and bulkhead upgrades. I appreciate you sending it to me. It speaks well to the quality of service you offer and I can expect. Much appreciated. Thank you again.

All the best,

Tom N.

Soquel, CA

Got the parts, everything is installed and working just like it should be. One thing I did notice is the diffuser bubble pattern is larger than it was. Is that the result of the new bulkhead fitting? I did clean the diffuser while the system was down but it really wasn’t that dirty.

I must say that in this day where companies spend more time and money talking about the great job they do taking care of their customers than actually taking care of them, it is a real pleasure working with you – someone that does understand what responsive service is all about. Thanks again for your help resolving this problem and all the other help you have provided with my water system.

My best regards,

Tim H.

Fort Bragg, CA

Thanks – this all worked great. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
I’ll also tell my neighbor who has the same system.


Jeff S.

Napa, CA

The O3 generator is working better than ever. The mixer is now removed and the generator moved to the top of the stairs allowing a close, downhill run to the filter via the bulkhead fitting. Much “cleaner” and the bubble action is considerably improved. The cover is removed for cooler operation.

Installation above tank, eliminate condensation buildup, no check valve needed
Thanks again,

Tom MacLennan

Jacksonville, OR

I stumbled upon Revolution Ozone while looking for alternatives to the lamps we were buying from our local Pure Water Ozone distributor. (Pure Water is a re-branded Triple-O system.)

I was immediately impressed by how much more substantial their lamp product looked than the black plastic tubes I’ve bought in the past. I called to place my order and I was even more impressed by the level of customer service I received. When I received the lamp and compared it to the “manufacturer’s original,” it was like comparing a Cadillac to a Yugo … and it cost less to boot!

Revolution Ozone is designing and building these parts the way they should have been done by the original manufacturer. As my system ages I will be replacing all of the parts with the top quality products from Revolution Ozone.

Peter Rowell

Sebastopol, CA

Thanks again for all your help, customer service like yours is a rare comity in today’s market place.

Kindest regards,

Tom MacLennan

Jacksonville, OR

The install went fine. Nice quality parts.
You have a happy customer.

Larry L.

Los Gatos, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I received the parts today and have everything up and running. I made all the changes you recommended and I have a nice blue light glowing, bubbles in the tank and the smell of ozone… life is good! And I’m confident the system is significantly improved over what I had before.

The difference in quality between your parts and the OEM stuff was shocking. Actually the OEM brass connector coming out of the unit was already about 25% plugged with corrosion so I know the new stainless steel fittings will be a major improvement over what the unit came with and every thing else you provided was first class. Thank you for all your help.

Best regards,

Tim H.

Fort Bragg, CA

Pleasure doing business with you.

Hall R.

Mountain Center, CA