Cynthia and Bruce G.

Los Gatos, CA

Our system is up and running! You were correct about the lamp being just fine. We’re very grateful for all of your help – great instructions and all of the parts and help we needed to get things up and running again. I did some research, our system is 12 years old. We were due for a new filter and ballast in addition to the new lamp. Our plan is to replace the lamp next December with your stainless steel housing (SLA). Because our water is so loaded up with iron, we’ll be doing this on a yearly basis.

Thank you so much for taking the time to carefully talk me through everything. I’m sure you could tell I was quite panicked. You are a very kind person and a wealth of information about water quality and treatment. Bruce and I look forward to relying on you for parts and technical assistance for years to come. We will spread the word up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains about your wonderful business. If only everyone operated their businesses the way that you operate yours – wouldn’t our country be a better place.

Kudos to you!

By RO: Cynthia was told by her local service company that she had ruined a brand new lamp and they are non-returnable. I talked her through different test procedures and it turns out the new lamp she had purchased was fine, a new ballast (ROB-E 120/240v) solved this mystery