Henry H.

Albion, CA

I had just had my well and tank cleaned and upon further inspection was informed that all parts of my ozone system were out of service, permanently. I was referred to your product by this individual and made contact. I made an appointment to replace the entire system, including in-tank ozone diffuser and filter. This was customer service of the highest level! Mr. Wells personally came out and installed this entire system, and it was up and running inside an hour. He included a very thorough explanation of all parts of the system, and maintenance.

The product is of the highest quality and easily maintained. As advertised, the quality of the water improved, first from the well and tank cleaning, but even more so from the new ozone system. The water tastes excellent and the water in the holding tank, 10,000 gallons, is crystal clear.

I also fully embrace small businesses that provide outstanding service and product, which Revolution Ozone does. I would rate them as a 10+. My thanks for your system, help, and all the valuable maintenance information you gave me. I will definitely be back!