Christine A.

Boonville, CA

I never dreamed we could have such crystal clear water. I thought the yellow, somewhat sticky water was an acceptable price to pay for the privilege of living in such a beautiful remote area. Often when I would go on business trips, I would have to re-wash my hair upon arrival, to remove the residue that remained.
After the work you did, cleaning the tank, installing the filtering system, and whatever else you did, cloudy water is no longer an issue. What a surprise it was to take a shower and wash my hair with water I could actually see through! Folks have been remarking how silky and shiny my hair is. I’m so happy, I can’t thank you enough.


By RO: This customer had such high iron content that the inside tank filter could not cope, it needed cleaning every two weeks. I installed one of my newest products, outside the tank, positive filtering system. They now always have crystal clear water and the filter only needs cleaning every 3 months!