John W. Collins

San Augustine County Texas

Mr. Wells,

I would like to thank you and your Ozone system for solving my water problem and allowing me to have great water for a decent price. I am retired but I had over 40 years experience of being involved in the water systems industry. I covered Texas and the surrounding states with a marketing agency involved in the distribution through wholesale dealers of water systems products directly associated with water wells and potable water.

You have a system that is affordable and solves many problems involved in maintaining good drinking water. There are no other products to my knowledge that can match yours, although there are other manufacturers of Ozone systems, most important you personally offer unmatched customer service in the installation and maintenance of your product.

My main problem was hydrogen sulfide or the “rotten egg” smell and odor in my drinking water. Your Ozone system solved the problem. I now have odor free water without having to add any chemicals, we have had it tested and it is good to drink right out of our tap. Now I have not only odor free water but water that is free of impurities associated with some groundwater sources.

Thanks Revolution Ozone! I highly recommend your products.