Allen S.

Ben Lomond, CA

I wanted to take the time to send a comment about the new stainless steel ozone lamp assembly (SLA) that I received. I have had my Triple-O system for 7 years. It does a great job in helping us maintain excellent water from our well. As you know the lamp assembly that generates the ozone has to be replaced rather frequently. We should replace ours every 12-18 months.

I ordered your new Stainless Steel lamp assembly (SLA) on Monday and received it two days later. I have to comment on the excellent quality of this product. The new stainless steel case is extremely well made. It fits perfectly and is of very high quality. The enclosed instructions were clear and easy to follow. I converted my system to use your new lamp assembly in about 30 minutes.

One of the best features about the unit is that it was engineered to accept a replacement lamp. What a brilliant idea! Since the bulbs are less than half the cost of a complete assembly I can save over $100 every time we need to replace the lamp. Less waste, easy to do and I save money as well.

Congratulations on a well made product!